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Solitary vs. Group ritual

Group rituals can be wonderful when all participants share a common goal and are focused in the same direction. The energy rises exponentially, and all benefit from it. The spirit of the source rejoices in the expansion of itself in all directions, for it is brought upon by friendship and collaboration of those who know…

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Solitary vs. Group ritual

There is a specific kind of beauty in each ritual form. It is not a matter of which ritual or type of ritual is superior, but which one serves the purpose of achieving what you want, and people want a lot of things. It is not even a matter of preference because you…

The element of FIRE

Fire is the element of passion, courage, will, protection, and life force. It is a masculine element that represents change, leadership, inspiration, love, and sexuality. Its symbols include sun, volcanoes, lava, heat, open flame, candles, bonfires, and fire-forged objects. 

The element of AIR

Air is the element of mind and intelligence, creativity, and new beginnings. It is a masculine element that represent knowledge, dreams, travel, wishes, communication, intuition, imagination, and ideas. Its symbols include the sky, wind, smoke, vibrations, and feathers.

The pagan path

What does it mean to be a pagan, what do pagans believe, and how do they live their lives? This short post answers these questions and gives an insight into a pagan way of life.